about fediverse.network

Fediverse.network’s goal is to build a comprehensible list/map and statistics of the known oStatus/ActivityPub fediverse.

As side-goals, it provides a monitoring service for instance owners.

Warning: The site and its data is far from perfect yet!

Other protocols than oStatus/ActivityPub may be added some day, for more details see the info page.



Charts API.

Data: It’s planned as the next step once the underlying crawler will be more correct. :)


It’s quite ugly right now, but you can find it at git.yt/random/fediverse-network (sr.ht mirror, github.com mirror).

Written in Elixir, uses PostgreSQL with TimescaleDB, and licensed under AGPL; hosted on the glorious FreeBSD.

Internal metrics for the curious.


Developed by contributors (@href, @hecate, @lerk) and hosted by @href.

Contains an embedded Pleroma instance.

Thanks to everyone who helped me test, implemented nodeinfo endpoints, … (@dashie, …).

Thanks to @Famine for the logo.

Thanks to chartd.co for generating for us the png/svg charts used in lists.