about fediverse.network

Fediverse.network’s goal is to build a comprehensible list/map and statistics of the known oStatus/ActivityPub fediverse.

As side-goals, it provides a monitoring service for instance owners.

Warning: The site and its data is far from perfect yet!

Other protocols than oStatus/ActivityPub may be added some day, for more details see the info page.


The crawlers IPs are:

API and database access

Charts API.

The rest of the API is now under work for real!

Read-only access to the fediverse.network underlying database can be provided for research purposes, either by traditional postgresql access or by using metabase. Send an email!


Licensed under the MIT License. Find it at git.yt/random/fediverse-network (randomly mirrored on sr.ht and github.com).

Written in Elixir, uses PostgreSQL with TimescaleDB, and licensed under AGPL; hosted on the glorious FreeBSD.

Third Party data sources