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Welcome to Afterlife. This server is explicitly for people who are trying to be better, which is why I set it up, and for them to have a social and support network whilst they rebuild themselves.

The internet, due to data permanency, has issues with forgiveness. In my opinion, mastodon’s moderation tools make that worse, given there’s no impetus to ever reconsider your blocks or server suspensions. A large portion of drama on here is either caused by mistake or later regretted by the instigator, but there’s absolutely no way for them to rebuild a social circle with people constantly disowning them permanently for mistakes that unbeknownst to most (because they’re no longer on the platform) they regret. This server is intended to be a little bit of a solution.

This server is only for people acting in good faith. Anyone attempting the same behaviour that previously got them canceled will find themselves banned. Anyone attempting to relitigate drama will find themselves banned, as well.

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