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The word "instance" is complicated to most people, we just call an "app". You can use it on the web or on your phone, just like any other app.

Technically this is a customized Mastodon instance. It's one of many in the "Fediverse" part of the internet. On the Fediverse different social apps are connected in a new way. Users here on Albin can follow and communicate with users on other instances, for example with people on

Why is better

We have a nice light theme to start with, but that's not the only reason.

Android App

You get an Android app for Over on they use several third party apps. They are just as good as our app, but we think it's nice when both the web-app and the mobile app, is from the same company. It looks better witch matching icon and color theme. In the long run it's technically better too, when new features could be developed in a more consistent way

European company

We're a small company fighting to protect Europe from the foreign monopoly. When social media companies have become gigantic, it is more important then ever to make sure that we stay independent. The best way to avoid manipulation is to have good alternatives in EU. The fight is real, but the company is tiny; 1 person and aiming to grow to two and more. Albin Apps is pro Europe, but open to the world.

More than an Instance

We provide a package of apps (in the pipeline) - The Twitter/Facebook alternative - The Instagram alternative - The WhatsApp alternative

More welcoming

Large parts of the Fediverse are ideologically non-commercial and do not appreciate companies at all. Believe it or not, but as users of social media ourselves, we actually think that commercial is more fun. We welcome companies, as long as they behave.

Life without companies is boring, and social apps without companies are also boring. A lot of people want to find information from companies, want to be able to contact them, perhaps even want to get offers. The local cafe, hairdresser and local musician are all small companies. Big celebrities are companies and so is pretty much everything that is entertaining. Most people like companies without even knowing it.

What everyone hate is too much advertising.

Who decides what is too much? You do. We give you choice and control. Become a paying member for 1.99€ per month and turn off the ads. Or you could keep some ads, but not all. It's up to you. (Also in pipeline, at the moment there are no ads at all)


When the Fediverse believe that donations and volunteer work make perfect apps. We believe such an approach will lead to the same fate as many Linux apps, staying in a difficult and buggy mode forever.

We believe that a donation based model is not sustainable for social apps. As things scale up above 10 million users or more, a lot of serious full time work is needed. Even if the Fediverse is distributed over many servers, it will not be able to deal with spam, moderation and other issues unless there are full time employees.

With us you know there is a realistic way of paying for development and moderation. It's an easy choice you control. Either you pay, one or two Euros a month, or the ads pay.

New start

There are a lot of issues with "big social" and it's even becoming a risk for freedom in Europe. It sounds dramatic, but never before have we had these type of companies. Machine learning, drones and robots are coming. All good technology, unless a foreign monopoly control it. We need balance between the continents. Something needs to be done.

Together we're finding the perfect balance. Not too much ads not too little ads. Not too big company, not too small company.

We need something different and better than what the big ones offer. With almost 500 million people in Europe, it should be possible to find enough people to support a small company to develop social apps, shouldn't it?

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