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Welcome to BLS! We are an 18+ community for all littles, middles, bigs and caregivers to socialize and share bits and pieces of ourselves. This is meant to be a safe space, no judgement allowed, only comfy conversations and lots of snackies~

Whether you're kinky, nonsexual, or an ageregressor, we hope to connect you with other littles and caregivers <3 Content warnings, filters and sensitive media marking allow all types to coexist while still seeing the content you enjoy.
BLS is an alternative to Twitter and other microblogging websites for members of the cgl community. With the Mastodon software, we are able to help keep every individual feeling safe and comfortable. No creeps allowed!

Let’s do a little Q&A:

Are you here for kink content exclusively? While it's welcome, it's not our primary focus and you may feel more at home on if that's all you're interested in.
Do you identify as ABDL? Though diapers aren't forbidden here, ABDL.Link is a great community!
Do you want to socialize with other littles and caregivers in a comfy space and have your own space to express yourself? BLS is probably a good fit for you!
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