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This server is meant to be an open forum; free speech and diversity of thought are highly valued by the administrators. Users will generally be expected to handle issues by muting or blocking other users that they deem to be offensive before moderation is considered. Moderation may include but is not limited to:

Posts that constitute or encourage illegal activity are subject to silencing and/or legal action.
Users who repeatedly post pornographic or generally offensive materials may not be allowed to post publicly or to local server feeds
Users who intentionally harass several users on this server for any reason may have their accounts limited
Users who stalk others on this server may be denied access to non-public posts, including any measure up to and including account deletion and/or banning by any measure possible

Other exceptions may apply, but administrators will make reasonable attempts to accommodate everyone, and will attempt to keep moderation commensurate with the offense in the opinion of the moderator.

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