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So you wanna join the Crypt Club? Super neat, but we have some ground rules. Let’s start off strong.

-This is an 18+ community. Do not join this instance if you are not a legal adult. If an admin or moderator finds out you’re not, we will delete your account. No art or media should be posted with children in explicit scenarios. This includes loli/shota art. For the record: This isn’t really the best place to post photos of your children.

-Zero Harassment Policy. Respect the boundaries of others in this instance. Do not send unwanted sexual advances to others. This includes nudes and salacious messages. No stalking, or pretending to be another user. The admin and users of this instance will not tolerate white supremacy. Period. All of its forms do not belong here.

-Do not post the personal information of yourself or other users. Don’t dox yourself, don’t dox others.

-Content Warnings Must Be Used! NSFW material, lewd discussions, stressful life events, spoilers, and tangents must use content warnings. If someone requests that you place a content warning on your post: Do it, even if you think your content isn’t offensive.

-Be respectful to everyone. If you don’t have something positive or constructive to say to another user, keep it to yourself. No public arguments or fighting. Solve your problems elsewhere.

-We are not a support group. While expressing your feelings is welcome, please do not expect anyone to be your personal therapist. If you have suicidal thoughts please find the National Suicide Hotline for the country you reside in, or seek online counselling.

List of Suicide Hotlines by Country

5 Online Counselling Sites

-Artists must be respected and credited. Posting your work here is encouraged! Do not repost someone in this instance’s art. Do not remove watermarks and proof of ownership from any media. When posting artwork that isn’t yours, credit and link to the artist. We don’t allow accounts solely dedicated to reposting art from elsewhere.

-No Spam. Please.

-No public roleplaying. PLEASE! Take it to whispers, discord, google docs. You don’t have to go home, but you can’t o w o what’s this? here.

-This is an English language server. If you’re going to post in another language, there must be a translation with it.

Thanks for wanting to join and have fun!

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