Max Chars
2.7.2 is a social network by DJs for DJs. It's like Twitter...but without the BS. The community centers around DJs and DJing as opposed to music production, but all are welcome.

We are non-profit so you can be sure you data will always remain yours and will never be sold to anyone. The site is actively moderated so we keep the trolls at bay.

We don't reorder your timeline. We don't suggest who you should follow and we don't tolerate abusive behavior of any kind. No one here cares about how many followers or ''likes' you have. You be you. Everyone is equal.

You can use it from the web or using one of the many iOS or Android clients. is a part of the Mastodon fediverse. If you don't know what that means, trust us it's nerdy but it's really cool.

Join us and help make an amazing place to hang out, share stories and experiences.

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