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The crawler is still in beta and may report incorrect checks. This instance is only checked one time per hour. is a small and intimate instance currently featuring a closed registration system. The name is taken from the belief that speech and thought are inexorably intertwined and that one must be free to speak if one is going to be free to think. Because of this belief, this instance is geared toward the right of our users to speak freely with little to no moderation.  Here is a little more information about our instance:

Closed registration

This instance is currently utilizing a closed registration model while the admin works to get it up and running. Presently, invitations are being extended by the admin and moderators through pre-selection and user referrals and preference is being given to users the admin and moderators know from real life and other social media platforms.  Registration will likely be opened at some point in the not-too-distant future.  All of that being said, if other people, after reading this instance's description and rules of conduct, wish to request an invitation, they are welcome to do so by emailing the admin at the address below.

Moderation style

The moderators of this instance operate under the principle of minimum necessary force.  In other words, we expect our users to behave like adults and we will not intervene without what we deem to be a valid reason.  When we do intervene, we will do so with the lightest touch afforded us by the Mastodon platform.  We utilize this approach because we want users to be friendly and we realize that part of being friends is having disagreements.  We further realize that part of being an adult is being able to resolve disagreements without needing to run to a third-party to do it for you.  Please know that we will act on reports from our users, but we will only ban in the extremely-rare situation that one of our users genuinely needs us to protect him or her.  Real life is full of things like danger and offense.  If you join this instance, be prepared for the danger that accompanies open exchange of ideas and the very likely offense which will accompany that. Mastodon provides users with several tools which they can use to moderate their own experience. We ask our users to handle their own affairs as much as possible.

Moderators will intervene in cases where a user or users violate the few rules of conduct that we have for our instance.  Those few rules will be outlined in the next paragraph. 

Rules of conduct for our users Users will not post illegal stuff.  Anything that is illegal in the US or Europe will not be posted on this server.  This is because our users are mostly in the US and the server is sitting in Europe. Users will not post advertisements. Harassment and discrimination will not be tolerated.  The admin and moderators reserve the right to define these words for the purposes of enforcement but the general guideline is that posts, comments, etc. that seek to cause genuine harm to another user will be investigated and handled as reasonably as possible.  The Internet is a public domain.  For that reason, while posting content or comments, users will use the sort of judgement one should employ while communicating in an open and public space.  Erotic posts must be tastefully so and there will be absolutely no pornography on this instance. Users will not post or comment on this instance with excessively foul language.  Some bad language is inevitable online but our users are expected to make every attempt to minimize it in public posts. Many of the users on this instance are parents and do not want to expose their younger children to such things. Reducing such things in the local timeline is our goal. In the absence of any rule that might directly impact your behavior on this server, please use common sense and try to follow the “don’t be a jerk” principle. Content warnings

Content warnings are a feature of Mastodon and are required if you are posting content that is erotic, gory, etc.  As mentioned in the paragraph above pornography is not acceptable content.  Therefore, do not think you will be allowed to post porn or items reasonably interpreted as such behind a content warning.  If the admin or a moderator sees it, that content will be removed and the posting user will be warned.  If that user continues to run afoul of this rule, we will suspend their account on this instance. 

Content warnings can also be used for pretty funny effect in Mastodon.  Try hiding the punchline of a joke behind one ;-)


Bots are allowed as long as their main posts are done “unlisted” (where they are not displayed on the timelines).  You are allowed to advertise your bots on the timelines periodically (think a couple of times per week).  Any bots determined not to be abiding by these rules will be silenced by default.

Privacy policy

We will not share your data with anyone – notwithstanding a valid legal request.

Who is the admin of this instance?

The admin of this instance is @badbox29. You may reach out to the admin by emailing

Who hosts this instance?

This instance is hosted by Check out their service if you are interested in running a Mastodon instance!

Final notes

This information is subject to change and will be updated as rules and such change on this instance.

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