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We are an open-minded, international instance, that is very geeky and enjoys pop culture.

The main topics of this instance include (but are not limited to): esports, gaming, hardware, coding, fantasy, anime, manga, books, movies, TV series, memes, …

Features summary:

Character limit: 7007
Relays for a lively federated timeline
Custom themes for a more unique experience
Bigger emojis and other visual enhancements
Good server hardware hosted in Germany and media CDN + daily backups
An always up-to-date instance (usually updating on the same day of a new release)
Fediverse-wide federation (suspending and silencing accounts/instances only for illegal activities or spam)
A lot of custom emojis
Privacy enthusiast staff
No ads, tracking, and logging
We have cookies

We are committed to run this instance long-term.

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    • Country DE
    • IPs and 2a03:b0c0:3:d0::30:6001
    • Hosted at DigitalOcean, LLC
    • TLD .moe

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