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Mastodon.ART — a place for your artwork of all types from illustration, visual, 3D, coding, gamedev, photography, musical, written, performance art or ____. Also, your primary/only instance on Mastodon because in addition to your works-in-progress, daily random & fun banter, commentary & cited fair-use posts/art/reviews of others' art is welcome too. 6000+ artists here welcome you to y(our) free & open source decentralized creative social life. Please read about .ART's etiquette & other stuff before sign up. There are mobile apps on both app stores — search Mastodon. No Bots. No Hate. Be Respectful & Constructive. has no ads & no targeting. Brands must be respectful by not making an account solely to advertise. Thank you.
Mastodon.ART is self-hosted & not a company trying to profit off of your life & art with ads. In addition to your support via LiberaPay or Patreon, Mastodon.ART is hosted and funded in-part by UpCloud where signing up gives you $25 to try UpCloud for hosting. Please consider $upporting if is not your primary instance.

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