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Tired of society and yet determined to change the world for the better?

This Mastodon pledges to collect ideas to design an inclusive, positive and free future for and by all human beings.

I am Jules and this is my personal Mastodon.

With a background in psychology and humanitarian actions, I am currently building a science center on wheels (just a fancy way to call a 1989 MB van...) with which I plan to engage traditionally disadvantaged youth and adolescence in sciences & research in a playful manner. Covering everything from natural sciences, English, research methods, data analyses, philosophy of science, creativity, mindfulness, goal-setting, project coordination, story-telling, healthy living, cultural sensitivity, dialogue & communication, self-esteem, to self-actualization and more.

1st stop - Skaramagas refugee camp in Greece.

I am looking for like-minded people to join me in the endeavor of enabling marginalized people in creating a future for themselves, all while exploring ones own unique set of skills, talents and interests.

Research suggests humans are social creatures, we live of others affection and care, and our purpose is defined by how well we contribute to society. Sadly, in recent years a persons ‘value’ has become more definable by his or her salary than by held ‘values’ such as morals, compassion, empathy, creativity, loyalty, truthfulness, etc. That in addition to growing automation, and subsequent competition for employment in increasingly urbanized contexts, lays the need to adopt relevant and broad, practical and soft skills, which allow for self-actualization regardless.

Members of this Mastodon signed up to share their unique experiences, ‘tips & tricks’, or what one considers relevant in this day and age to learn. Therewith, bridging the digital skills gap. Given the diverse audience of intervention, they arguably deserve equally diverse source of information.

Desired Support (*not in this order)

Educators Humanitarians Humans Developer Critical minds Thinkers & Writers Data Analysts Free Spirits

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