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Welcome to Salesforce.Social!

This is an instance primarily directed towards Salesforce hobbyists and professionals who want to escape the usage of corporate social media that profits from selling your personal data and selling you advertisements. Originally conceived as a way to complain about Salesforce we welcome anyone escaping the official Salesforce communities such as Success and Trailblazer and are offering a FOSS (free and open source) service.

While being focused on providing a forum for Salesforce enthusiasts we welcome all users to sign up while registration is open.

Server rules:

Bots must use rate limiting, admins may ask users to verify their bot’s rate limit settings and bots not respecting admin requests will be banned (potentially with their owners).

Absolutely no discussions on how to leverage unlicensed AppExchange software on your Org. This means we will not tolerate microblogging about how to use unlicensed software on your Org and explaining to others how to do the same.

Harassment - While this is a large umbrella term we look to refine the meaning over time. Please, simply, do not use to harass other users or users on other instances. We will not tolerate putting the instance on a ban list with another server for your amusement.

Otherwise, please do have fun.

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