A science community for science communication.

Max Chars

This instance is aimed at scientists, science students, science communicators, or anyone with a rational mindset wanting to interact with each other and to help share science-related topics and thinking to the wider Fediverse.

So come here to ask questions, answer questions, and to share ideas with other science-minded folk. The federated nature of the network will also help to spread your science know-how and enthusiasm with the rest of the Mastodon network!

We are only a small instance at the moment but we are stable and secure.

Who is the admin?

Hi, I’m Dave Williamson! I am a post-doctoral researcher at King’s College London. I set up, maintain, and administer this instance and the server that it runs on.

What are the rules for this instance?

Please read our Code of Conduct to learn about our community’s standards (TL;DR: please just be civil).

Please read our Privacy Policy to learn about how we use the information you supply to us when you register (TL;DR: we won’t sell your identity).

Tell me more about Mastodon...

Some sites that might help you learn more about Mastodon include: What is Mastodon? (YouTube video) The Official Mastodon FAQ JoinMastodon.org - The official site describing Mastodon. The Verge article 'A beginner’s guide to Mastodon...' - A bit outdated as a LOT of changes have happened since April 2017! Another guide to getting started Bridge Tool - Find your Twitter friends on Mastodon

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