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Max Chars

An instance of the Mastodon social network. Hosted by Nathan.

The code is open. The host is trusted. We're all friends here. Have fun!

Watch this brief video for an overview of Mastodon. Check out the about/more page for quick tips on getting started. More detailed information can be found in the User Guide and the FAQ.

Try the Fedilab or Tusky apps on Android. Try the Amaroq or Tootdon apps on iOS /iPhone. It also works well to simply open on most desktop and mobile browsers.

The rules: No hate. We practice love and respect. This is a community, not a popularity contest. Spend more time with real people than you do with your phone. Go outside once in a while. We'll be here when you get back.

We don't track you, look at your stuff, show you ads or determine which posts you see. We don't manipulate, exploit or capitalize. We value lively conversation and civil debate. We strive for community. We have a good time. We use the tools to share the best of who we are.

Nathan runs this show and he reserves the right to silence voices he deems hateful, disrespectful or deceitful and to revoke any user's access permissions, at any time, for any reason, except as limited by law. That said, unless you're a jerk we can probably work something out. There is also no guarantee that your posts will stay around forever or survive Nathans's tinkering with the server.

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