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3.0.1 is a leftist Mastodon server for progressives, socialists, anarchists, activists, environmentalists, vegans, anti-racists, anti-fascists, anti-capitalists, pirates, LGBTQIA+, human rights activists, etc.

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Deutsch ist eine linksorientierte Mastodon-Server für Progressive, Sozialist_innen, Anarchist_innen, Aktivist_innen, Umweltbewegung, Veganer_innen, Antirassist_innen, Antifaschist_innen, Pirat_innen, LSBTQIA+, Menschenrechtler_innen etc.

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Español es una servidor de Mastodon de izquierda, para progresistas, socialistas, anarquistas, activistas, ambientalistas, veganxs, anti-racistas, anti-fascistas, anti-capitalistas, piratas, personas del colectivo LGBTQIA+, activistas por los derechos humanos, etc.

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Nederlands is een linkse Mastodonserver voor progressieven, socialisten, anarchisten, activisten, milieubewuste mensen, veganisten, antiracisten, antifascisten, antikapitalisten, piraten, LHBTQIA+, mensenrechtenactivisten, enz.

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