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Welcome to Mastodon instance. Just another node in the decentralized Mastodon Social Media federated network. To learn more checkout

This instance is owned by Pexus LLC administered from Austin, TX, USA. Pexus LLC provides solutions to empower every individual to take control of their data using a personal server hosted in their own home or in a virtual private server in the cloud. With a personal server you can use a domain name registered in your name for a configuring your own e-mail server, file sharing server and decentralized personal social media site instance such as Mastodon just like this one.

For more information on our products and services visit:

If you want to see how Mastodon works before setting up your own instance you can sign up on this instance using Sign Up button (top left on this page).

We also welcome users to sign up with interest in technology, innovation, personal server computing, decentralized computing, blockchain, information security, software development, startups etc. We may disable open registration in future to manage our instance better. You can sign up on any mastodon instance that allow Sign Up and follow any one in the federated network. For a list of mastodon instance in go to

Refer to Setting Up Mastodon On Personal Server to setup your own instance of Mastodon easily on your server in your own home for full control of your content and data.

Let us make personal computing great again - with our own personal server to manage data on our terms!

Your Server, Your Data, Your Terms!

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