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The crawler is still in beta and may report incorrect checks. This instance is only checked one time per hour. a generalistic, open, fast, and stable Mastodon instance. is open to federate with everybody! is lightly moderated, but some rules apply. Why join Triplebit

Unlike many other Mastodon instances, Triplebit doesn't cater to a specific niche or topic. As a general instance, we are open to all discussions and everyone is welcome, as long as they follow the few rules we do have.

The Triplebit/ team also operates a relay at for new instances to populate their timelines. All instances are welcome to join and cross-promote their content!

Of course, while we do strive to be an open and inclusive community, we do want to make people feel safe using our platform. You're welcome to contact the admins for any reason!

Code of Conduct

We ask all our members to follow just a few simple rules.

Be kind and respectful to other users. Treat other Mastodon users the way you treat your friends, so that this will be a safe and positive place for everyone.

Don't advertise or spam. This is a place for people to connect to other people. It is not for advertisers, spammers, etc. Do not post spammy content, include spammy content in your profiles, or use our direct messaging system to send spammy content to other users. We delete spam accounts as soon as we see them.

Do not post or share any illegal stuff, advertisements, harassment, discrimination, xenophobia. Do not post anything that is illegal in Europe (the EU, UK, etc) or the USA.

Your avatar must be appropriate for a general audience. Your avatar is an image that represents you and appears next to messages (toots) that you send. You are welcome to upload a custom avatar image. But please, make sure your avatar image is a one that people will feel comfortable having on their computer screens while children are looking over their shoulders. So no erotic or gory avatars, please. Also, do not boost content from accounts of those who have erotic or gory avatars, as that would cause those avatars to display on our local timeline.

Add content warnings if you are posting content that some users may wish to avoid, such as content that is erotic, gory, etc. This applies to text, pictures, audio, and videos. If you would not open that content in front of your boss/spouse/kids, use the content warning feature, and add specific warning text (for example: "gory photo of serious injury with lots of blood") so that users will have a general idea of what is behind your content warning, and will be able to decide if they want to see it.

Please tag your content appropriately

If you post content that is not safe for work, tag it with #NSFW, and with any other hashtags that are appropriate. This will help people to use our filter feature to filter out content they don't want to see.

If you add tags that are descriptive labels for your content (things like #cat #Paris #garden, #beer #photography, etc) you will help people who share your interests to find your content!

Please use common sense. Don't do illegal stuff, don't discriminate, don't be racist, sexist, etc.

Filter out annoying people or content. If you find a user who annoys you but is not violating our guidelines, we expect that you will deal with the issue by muting or blocking the account that annoys you, or by using Mastodon's filters to remove content that you dislike. That should solve the problem! If it doesn't, contact us.

Please report users who violate our community guidelines. If you receive spam or harassment from another user, we want to hear about it. Use the 'report' feature or send a direct message to our admin team.

We try to post in English so everyone understands, but that rule is not enforced at all.

Bot Accounts

Bots are allowed as long as their main posts are done 'unlisted' (not displayed on the timelines) and they are marked as a bot in their account settings. You are allowed to advertise your bot on the timelines a couple times a week. Any bot not respecting those rules will be silenced by default. We just want to prevent having a bot monopolizing the timeline. Thanks for your understanding.

Privacy Policy will never share your data with anyone, unless we receive a valid legal request that demands our compliance. So far, has never received a legal request for user data.

Who are the Triplebit admins?

The only administrator at this time is @jonah. As we grow, more staff will be introduced!

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