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Welcome to Witches Union Local #669 witches.live, the witches’ union/coven that is definitely not a cult!

This is a mastodon instance for witches. It is not for cops, feds, fash, TERFs, and/or abusers of any kind. If you are a witch please join us! If you are a cop, fed, fash, TERF, and/or abuser, go away forever.

Other federated services available on witches.live:
https://bophadees.witches.live - A Pleroma instance for experimentation, checking out Pleroma, and for wider communication with the fediverse. Less stable, no instance blocks.
https://hexagram.witches.live - A Pixelfed instance that is similar to Instagram that federates with a wide variety of federated platforms including Mastodon and Pleroma.

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