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We are qυey.org! We are a generalistic and moderated Mastodon instance for people of all colours and sizes.

As a general instance, we are not centered on a specific theme, or a specific language. Everyone is welcome as long as you follow the few rules we have.

✔️ We have 7 different themes available! 
✔️ NSFW content is allowed if this is posted with a Content Warning.
✔️ Please read the rules before getting started you can find them here.
✔️ This instance is lightly moderated in general, common sense applied.


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quey.org is not owned and operated by a large corporation! Instead it is run as a passion project by a few people. Due to the fact that we run completely free of ads, we have to rely on your help to keep the lights on around here. If you are willing to support us, you can become one of our Patrons or donate through PayPal or Liberapay!




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